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We are hiring a head baker

Gold Island Bakery Head Baker Job Description    FEBRUARY 2020


Head Baker Duties and Times


Prepping Cookies for freezer (1 hour/ 100 units// 3 hours/ week)*

Mixing sourdough Pre Bake Day (1 hours/ week)*

Bake Planning (1 hour/ week)*

Market Travel (2 hours/ week)*

HFX Market Hours [including set up/ tear down] (7.5 hours/ week)*

Unpacking from Market (0.5 hour/ week)*

Printing (1 hour/ month)

Baking Shifts (18 hours/ week)*

     Including bread and pastry production

                     Wholesale Packaging 

                     Invoice Inputs

Ingredient Shopping (6 hours/ month)

Inventory Management (2 hours/ month)

Staff Meeting (1 hour/ week)*


Regular Work Week Hours (34 hours)

Irregular Hours (8 hours a month)

December Overtime (4 hours weekly)

Other Job Information 

-50%/ 50% employer/ employee split health benefits

-vacation pay (4%) or option of paid vacation

-flexibility around time and length of winter break and/ or vacation

-$16 per hour // $576 average weekly wage [average annual salary $29 000)

    -possibility of salaried wage rather than hourly, if preferred. 

-compensation for use of vehicle to allow for fuel and maintenance

-2 year contract



-bakery work experience or at least 2 years kitchen experience that includes baking or personal home bread making experience

-must be currently unemployed and a resident of Nova Scotia

-must have customer service capacity/ experience

-experience in self-directed work

-ability to work comfortably and happily independently

Please email brief statement of interest/ experience plus resume to