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Sourdough Bread

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Gold Island Bakery has been creating wholesome and flavour rich baked goods since 2009. Starting off as a bicycle-delivery subscription service zooming whole grain sourdough and pies around town, GIB has evolved into a bakery specializing in whole grain sourdoughs and wheat free pastries, as well as offering many preserves made with only unsprayed fruits and vegetables. We use only organic grains. We also curate a selection of magical eastern Canadian cheeses coming from small scale producers in NB, QC and NS. The way to find our products has shifted since the pandemic hit. We are still working the oven and trying to reach our customers. Find our products at the Monday to Friday Brewery Farmers' Market store 10-2 pm and the Warehouse Market on Wednesday through Saturday (in store or by delivery). Also, order products directly from the bakery through our online store

Wheat Free


We specialize in working with a diversity of grains, including spelt, kamut, buckwheat, rye, oats and heritage wheats. Our breads are slow fermented and made with whole grains, so whether or not you are choosing a wheat free loaf, expect the best quality bread and baked goods that will serve your body nutrition and your spirit deliciousness.

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